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Lake Shore Care is there to help you every step of the way.  Our hands-on personal approach to every case helps us develop long-term and caring relationships with our clients.  This results in the formation of special bond, creating a comfort level for the clients and for their families.  Your satisfaction is our priority.  Below are the most common domestic positions that our agency finds candidates for.

Lake Shore Care - Domestic Agency Chicago
Senior Care: Caregiver & Senior Companion


Caregiver's responsibilities depend on each situation.  Each case has different requirements and various previous experience may be required.  We strive to find you candidates not only with proper experience.  We look at personalities and character.  That is what completes the right match for an elder and their family.  Some of the responsibilities of a caregiver may include: personal care; assistance with bathing, grooming, hair, skin care, medication remainders, light housekeeping, monitor food expiration dates, plan and prepare meals, assist with walking, escort on appointments, escort to religious services, maintain calendar, organize mail, companionship. 


Lake Shore Care - Domestic Agency Chicago
Home Care: Housekeeper


As with any other position, housekeeper's responsibilities may vary depending on the needs of a family.  Position of a housekeeper may be either live-in or live-out.  Housekeeper undertakes all or some of the common household tasks such as: laundry, dusting, sweeping, oven and refrigerator cleaning, bathroom uphold, vacuuming, etc.


Lake Shore Care - Domestic Agency Chicago
Child Care: Nanny


Lake Shore Care Domestic Agency provides placement of either full-time or part-time nannies on live-in or live-out basis.  Duties are usually limited to child care and household tasks associated with children. 


Lake Shore Care - Domestic Agency Chicago
Home/Child Care: Nanny-Housekeepers

The position of a nanny-housekeeper include undertaking of common responsibilities with children as well as home care.  Everyday child care jobs consist of full direction of children as they are in the home, concentration to their foods, dressing, and other hygiene process.  Housekeeping household tasks consist of daily making beds and common straightening, children's laundry and bed linen; dust and shine furniture; sweep, and mop floors; uphold bathrooms; and vacuum.  Ready to hire a nanny-housekeeper?  Give us a call for a no obligation consultation at 847-480-7211.


Lake Shore Care - Domestic Agency Chicago
Other Domestic Positions

Throughout the years, Lake Shore Care Domestic Agency has successfully placed domestic candidates in other positions as well.  These positions include house managers, babysitters, maintenance workers, personal assistants, personal drivers, and others.  Looking for the right candidate for your domestic position?  Don't hesitate to call us and we will do our best in finding the right candidates.  


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