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Hourly rates and salaries for caregivers, housekeepers, nannies, and other domestic employees vary greatly depending on numerous factors.  Each position's requirements and circumstances are different; therefore, it is impossible to specify a particular rate.  Furthermore, market conditions are also controlling the rates and these conditions are continually changing.  Some basic factors that go into calculating a domestic employee's rate are:

- is the position is full or part time?

- number of daily work hours for a domestic worker

- does the employee need to drive? if so, is there a car available?

- is the position live-in or live-out?

- amount and difficulty of daily responsibilities

- employee's previous work experience in a given field

- domestic worker's special skills and certifications


- additional languages spoken

Give us a call at 847-480-7211 for a no-obligation consultation and we will advise you on setting a fair rate or salary for a domestic employee based on your requirements.


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